How does it work?

1) A selection of quality Horses.
We work through hundreds of horses to select the few that meet our criteria. We are confident that these chosen horses will be valuable partners for their future riders and owners.
2) Get instant information about each Horse.
You can review all of the information that we have available for you under the horse profile including videos, veterinary examinations and our observations.
3) Contact the Team.
Contact us if you have questions, need further information, would like to discuss your price, want our opinions, wish to set up a FaceTime appointment to view the horse or to try the Horse yourself!
4) Your Price.
When you are ready, you decide your price! Simply fill out our form under “Your Price” and it will be sent immediately to us… You can increase your price as you see the evolution and gain more information of the Horse through the sale.
5) Conclusion.
The private sale of each horse will remain open for one week, at the close the possible purchase wishes will be presented to the owners who will have the final decision to accept one of the prices or to withdraw their Horse.